Boeing 767-200 UTair - cabin layout and best seats

Russian airline UTair operates cargo and passenger flights in Russia and foreign countries. For civil air travel, modern airliners of various models are operated, including comfortable Boeing 767-200 modifications, designed for long-distance and medium-haul airlines. As of 2018, there are three aircraft of this model in the UTair aviation fleet.

In this article, we will tell you about the features of the Boeing 767-200 passenger liner of the Russian air carrier UTair, consider the board layout and determine the most comfortable seats.

Description and layout of the Boeing 767 200 UTair cabin

Boeng 767-200 is a new generation wide-body passenger aircraft powered by two powerful General Electric CF6-80C2B4F turbofan engines. Fuselage length - 48.5 m. Cruising speed - 850 km / h. The maximum flight range at full load is 12,200 km. Flight altitude - 13 140 m.

UTair's Boeing 767-200 aircraft are equipped with a comfortable passenger cabin designed for 249 passengers in economy class of service. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the location of the seats and the most convenient ones for the flight.

Typical Cabin Configuration of V767-200 UTair

Boeing 767-200 interior layout taken from official site companies. We offer you to understand the best and worst places of this cabin layout. 

Row 1. The first row of the salon. It has an advantage over the standard seating due to the increased legroom - as there is no row in the front. The plus is that no one will recline the back of the chair, which again saves space. But more or less good places here are only A and L (located near the wall). The fact is that there is an entrance to the toilets and the kitchen area. And this means a lot of passenger traffic, noise and vanity. In places B, D, G, K, there is a high probability that the entire flight will hit you with elbows and run over your feet with a food cart.

Row 2. The extreme aisle seats (B, D, G, K) have the same disadvantages as in the first row. But sitting here is worse, since there is a row in front, which means that the legs will be cramped.

Row 13. Not very good places to fly. The backs of the seats are limited in reclining due to the partition separating the salon and the toilets. Given the fact that the rows here are already narrow, the absence of this function is critical. But the neighbor in front will definitely recline his chair and there will be even less space. The situation is aggravated by the fact that there are toilets nearby - and this is always noise, din and unpleasant smells. The places extreme to the aisle (B, D, G, K) have disadvantages of row No. 2.

Row 16. Good flight seats - there is no row in the front, which means there is additional legroom and no one will recline the seat back. But the shortcomings of the first row have not gone anywhere - there are toilets nearby, which means that the place cannot be calm. In addition, some passengers may not be comfortable looking all the way through the bulkhead.

Row 17. There is no front row of seats - the same advantages as the previous row. Seats E and F are slightly better, as they are not extreme to the aisle.

Row 33. It is located very close to the toilet, and places B, D, G and K are also extreme. It will not be comfortable to sit here - there is too much fuss, constant queues, knocking doors and smells from the toilet.

Row 34. Some of the most uncomfortable seats in the cabin, since they are all closer to the toilet entrance and have restrictions in reclining the back of the seats due to the partition behind the row.

To make the trip on the Boeing 767-200 as comfortable as possible, passengers are advised in advance choose and book the best seats for your flight... UTair Aviation provides this service on a paid basis.

The service is available:

  • when buying air tickets at the carrier's box office and on the official website (booking is made through your personal account);
  • at online check-in and at the airport of departure;
  • You can buy the best seat in the cabin directly on the plane after boarding the flight if there are free seats with increased legroom.

Holders of Status Gold and Status Silver personal cards can choose and book the best seats on UTair aircraft at no additional charge.

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