Things to do on the plane so you don't get bored

Traveling by plane is easy and comfortable! In a matter of hours, you can overcome huge distances above the earth and find yourself on the other side of the world. And in order not to get bored during a long flight, the traveler can come up with interesting activities for entertainment.

In this article, we will look at how to spend time comfortably and easily on the plane - activities and entertainment on board for adults and children, travel tips.

Things to do on the plane

During the flight, the passenger has to sit in one position, occasionally walking through the cabin to the toilet. Observing panoramic views from the windows of the plane is, of course, interesting, but not all passengers of the flight can take seats at the windows. In addition, many have to travel at night, and in the dark, it is unlikely that it will be possible to see something interesting outside the window from a great height.

We have prepared several options for relaxation and entertainment on board during the flight. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most common ways to make your flight fun and interesting!

Reading newspapers and books

Modern people, busy with everyday and work problems in everyday life, have practically no free time to read educational books or the press. Bring a few prints or an e-book on the plane. Fascinating reading will while away the tedious travel time. On the road, it is better to take small publications that will not take up much space in your personal luggage. Fresh newspapers can be bought at the airport before departure.

How to listen to music and watch movies

Don't like to read? Then take on board a modern gadget for watching movies or a compact player for listening to your favorite music. Download a folder with your favorite songs or videos to your device in advance.

You will need headphones to listen to music and watch videos - be sure to take this accessory in your carry-on baggage. The list of allowed and prohibited things on the plane for hand luggage can be found here.

Comfortable sleep and relaxation during a long flight

If you have chronic sleep deprivation due to a lack of adequate sleep time, do not miss out on an excellent opportunity to rectify this situation with adequate rest during the flight!

If you plan to sleep on the plane, bring a light blanket for cover and a small pillow. For long flights, bedding is provided by flight attendants (the availability of this service can be checked with the airline employees in advance).

And one more tip: do not choose seats in the tail end of the liner for an air flight during which you plan to sleep. The noise of the engine is heard more here and is often distracted by other passengers on the flight to the toilet.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with - how to choose the right seat in the aircraft cabin.

Airline entertainment system

In modern aircraft, passenger seats are equipped with monitors with a multimedia entertainment program. Travelers can take advantage of this system for an exciting pastime during the flight. The entertainment program includes a variety of videos for adults and children, music videos, radio stations and navigation systems that allow passengers to track the aircraft's path on a map.

Do gymnastics

When flying from 3 hours or more, the human body gets tired of the monotonous position. You can stretch your limbs while flying. This will help you with simple gymnastic exercises, which can be performed while sitting in a chair without interfering with the passenger sitting next to you.

Gymnastics on the plane:

  • stretch your arms forward and perform circular movements, close your fingers into a fist, bend and unbend your arm in the elbow bend;
  • stretch your legs forward, twist your feet, perform the heel-to-toe exercise without taking your feet off the floor;
  • warm up for the shoulders (back and forth in a circular motion);
  • you can make circular movements with your head, which will allow you to "stretch" your neck a little;
  • A special roller placed under the back will help to relieve the load on the lower back (this accessory will have to be taken on the road);
  • walk down the aisle towards the toilet - there is free space behind the cabin partition where you can squat, pull yourself up and perform several other gymnastic exercises to relieve fatigue and stress on the body.

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