Choosing comfortable seats on Utair planes: free, for money, for miles

Russian airline UTair provides passenger and cargo air transportation in domestic and international directions. The carrier's fleet includes 65 aircraft.

The company has a loyalty bonus program that provides worthy rewards for members who regularly use the services of an experienced carrier.

Many tourists planning a flight for the first time also often choose UTair flights, arguing their choice with affordable ticket prices, high service provided by the company and stable safety of passenger flights.

If you have already booked a ticket for a UTair flight, we recommend booking the best seats on the plane in advance, which will allow you to spend the upcoming trip in the most comfortable conditions.

How to book a seat on a UTair plane

You can book a seat on an UTair plane when buying tickets at the box office or at an agency, online through your personal account, when checking in for a flight, as well as on board if there are free seats in the cabin.

According to the established rules of the carrier, this service is provided on a paid basis. Holders of "Status Silver" and "Status Gold" personal cards can choose the best seat on the UTair plane free of charge.

Choosing a seat in the salon online

Passengers can book their seats on the plane via the Internet on the official portal of UTair.

On the company's website, you need to register, after which your personal account will become available. First you need to check in for the flight online by filling out the available form with tips. This can be done 24 hours before departure.

Next, a new window will appear. In the special section "I choose comfort", the passenger can choose a suitable place for accommodation and make a reservation. After payment is made, the selected seat will be automatically reserved for the ticket number indicated by the passenger when checking in for the flight.

If the air traveler did not manage to use the service via the Internet, he can book the best seat in the cabin directly at check-in for the plane at the airport, or while already in the cabin of the liner. True, such an opportunity will be available only if there are unoccupied high-comfort seats on board.

How much does it cost to choose a seat

UTair has approved fixed rates for booking seats on airplanes for domestic and international flights. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the carrier's tariffication.

How much is a seat on a UTair plane: 1000 rubles for domestic flights. If a convenient seat is reserved when checking in for a flight at the airport or on board the aircraft, the cost increases to 1,500 rubles.

According to the rules of the air carrier, the funds spent are reimbursed in the event of an unplanned transfer of a passenger to another class of service for technical reasons, as well as in case of an unforeseen replacement of an aircraft for the departure of a flight.

The reserved seat is retained without a refund if the carrier can offer similar conditions for a flight in a changed liner or in a changed class of service.

If the passenger independently changes his mind about flying on the planned route, the money spent on the purchase of a seat on the plane will not be refunded.

Is it possible to pay for the seat selection with miles

Members of the "Status" loyalty program can use bonus miles to change the class of service on the plane - from economy class to business class, as well as to book the best seats in the cabin belonging to the category of increased comfort.

The exchange of miles for the purchase of a seat is made at the ticket sales point or online in the member's personal account. Bonuses are written off immediately after registration of the service. It is important that the passenger has enough accumulated points for exchange.

According to the rules of the loyalty program, the rate of one mile is 1 ruble. Therefore, to buy a seat on a UTair plane, you will need 1000-1500 miles, depending on the fare applicable on a specific flight of the carrier.

How to find a comfortable seat on a Utair plane

When choosing a comfortable seat on a Utair plane, you need to be guided by your personal wishes. So, for example, for parents with children, the most comfortable seats will be in the front rows of the cabin, where there is a large space for convenient location and a device for fixing the cradle on the front partition.

Equally convenient seats are located in the middle of the aircraft, near the emergency exit. There is also increased legroom, allowing the traveler to get into a comfortable body position on a long flight. The only restriction is that passengers with children, pets, pregnant women, disabled people and pensioners cannot take seats near the emergency exit.

In each aircraft model, the position of the passenger seats is not the same. Before making a choice, we recommend that you study the layout of passenger seats in a specific model of the liner on which the flight will be carried out according to the purchased tickets.

In the fleet of the Russian carrier Utair, the main aircraft are Boeing 737-800 models. Highly reliable modern liners have a fairly comfortable cabin layout with a capacity of 159 and 186 seats.

Boeing 737-800 - cabin layout, UTair's best seats:

Boeing 737-800

The best seats in the cabin (for 159 seats):

  • the first three rows are business class;
  • 4th row - the most comfortable economy class in the cabin;
  • from 5 to 9 rows - standard seats with one big advantage - food distribution starts from the bow of the cabin, which means that the traveler will be provided with a wide selection of food and drinks;
  • from 10 to 17 - there is no beautiful view from the window, which is due to the close location of the wing of the aircraft, which covers the entire view, but here it is less motion sick during the flight;
  • 11-13 - seats at the emergency exit with extended legroom (on row 12, the backrest reclining mechanism is blocked, which is important to consider when choosing a comfortable chair);
  • From 14 to 26 - standard chairs without special advantages and disadvantages;
  • Row 27-28 - not very convenient for location, due to the proximity of the toilet room, where the passengers of the flight will constantly go.

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 is a modern domestic passenger airliner that meets the high reliability and safety parameters of air travel.

UTair operates passenger flights on Superjet 100 liners with a rather comfortable cabin layout.

- the best places of the UTair showroom:


Which seat to choose in the salon:

  • the first three rows are a business class salon, the total number of comfortable places for accommodation is 12;
  • 6th row - the first in the economy class cabin, very convenient for tall people and passengers with children;
  • from 10 to 15 rows - standard seats with one drawback - lack of view from the window, which is due to the location of the wings in this part of the aircraft;
  • from 16 to 19 rows - standard seats with a good view from the window;
  • The 20th row is the very last in the salon, behind it is the toilet room (the most inconvenient places for placement).

Take the choice of a seat on the UTair plane seriously, because your level of comfort when flying to the chosen destination will depend on this factor. Do not miss the opportunity to book the best seat in the cabin right away when buying tickets, which can be done online on the airline's website or at the stationary office of UTair.

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