Where can I smoke at Domodedovo Airport

Smoking areas at Domodedovo Airport are located next to the entrance to the terminal building. These places can be easily found by signs, signs and the smell of tobacco smoke. Smoking areas in Domodedovo are equipped with litter bins.

Where to smoke at Domodedovo airport after registration

Since the special smoking rooms at Domodedovo airport were liquidated after the introduction of the anti-tobacco law, and no one will let you out on the street, passengers will no longer be able to smoke in Domodedovo after registration in the sterile zone. From the moment of check-in for the flight and the passage of customs and passport checks until the moment of arrival at the airport of arrival, passengers will have to quit smoking.

Is it possible to smoke Aykos at Domodedovo airport

Those air travelers who smoke not ordinary cigarettes, but electronic ones, are more fortunate, since there are Aikos lounges on the territory of Domodedovo airport, where you can not only buy IQOS, but also smoke it.

Where is the IQOS lounge area at Domodedovo airport

IQOS lounges at Domodedovo Airport are located on the first floor and on the second floors near the Duty Free shop.

It should be noted that only IKOS branded products can be smoked in the IQOS lounge area. Other types of e-cigarettes and vapes can only be smoked outdoors in designated smoking areas. They are prohibited inside the terminal itself.

For people with a strong nicotine addiction, we recommend using special chewing gums, patches, sprays and inhalers while traveling by air, which will help to better cope with the absence of classic cigarettes during the flight.

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