Where can you smoke at Sheremetyevo airport

In the summer of 2013, after the entry into force of the "anti-tobacco law", the smoking rooms in Sheremetyevo, located inside the terminals, were eliminated. These events have created serious problems for smoking tourists who are forced to search for approved smoking areas and monitor the rules for the use of cigarettes and various smoking devices at airports.

In 2018, Sheremetyevo Airport equipped several indoor smoking pavilions, where passengers who have not yet passed the check-in and screening procedure can come. The pavilions are quite comfortable, have good ventilation, trash cans, are protected from wind and precipitation, and can accommodate up to 14 people at a time. In total, there are 7 outside smoking areas on the territory of Sheremetyevo. They are located in the areas of terminals B, D, E, F at a distance of 15 meters from the entrances to the buildings, as permitted by the current legislation.

Where to smoke in Sheremetyevo after registration

Those travelers who have already checked in for the flight will have a hard time, since there are no smoking rooms in the transit zone either.

Smokers will no longer be able to go outside, so they will smoke only at the arrival airport, where there may also be problems with finding places to smoke.

Frequent flyers who cannot go without cigarettes for a long time are forced to use special chewing gums or plasters in the sterile area of the airport, which remove the need to smoke.

In mid-January 2020, the first smoking areas, located in some of the airport business lounges, began to operate in Sheremetyevo. But the management of Sheremetyevo plans to open smoking rooms not only in the VIP zones. Thus, there is a hope that soon enough comfortable smoking areas will be equipped at Sheremetyevo Airport. Before this happens, passengers who have serious problems with long-term refusal from cigarettes should purchase nicotine patches, special gum, sprays in advance, or pay attention to IQOS devices, for which there are special lounges at the airport.

Is it possible to smoke IQOS at Sheremetyevo

You can smoke Ikos electronic cigarettes at Sheremetyevo in the IQOS lounge area, which is located in the area of domestic flights. In the IQOS boutique there is an opportunity to try Ikos electronic smokeless cigarettes.

Where is the IQOS lounge area at Sheremetyevo airport

Terminal D near the boarding gate for domestic flights 16, 18, 20;
Terminal E - international destinations zone near exit 35.
Terminal F - near gate 46 (international flights);

You can smoke IQOS at Sheremetyevo Airport only in the lounge area. The use of electronic cigarettes in public places is also prohibited, as is the smoking of classic cigarettes.


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