New rules for the allowed weight of baggage on the plane and carry-on baggage

All the world's air carriers adhere to standard baggage rules. Certain adjustments can be made to the generally accepted norms. When planning a trip by plane, you should familiarize yourself in advance with the current regulations for the weight and dimensions of luggage bags in force in the selected aviation company.

Luggage on the plane: dimensions and weight

According to the international rules of air carriers, each passenger has the right to free transportation of personal belongings, but the weight and dimensions must not exceed the established parameters. We suggest you familiarize yourself - what is allowed and prohibited to check in the baggage of the aircraft.

If the traveler plans to transport a large amount of baggage, an excess weight surcharge must be paid. The carrier determines the rates for non-standard cargo.

According to the rules of international aviation companies, one passenger can transport personal baggage free of charge by plane, the weight of which must not exceed 10 kg. Carriers can adjust the weight norms by increasing the allowable limit.

As a rule, minimum parameters for weight and dimensions of baggage are set for economy class passengers. Business class travelers can carry heavier cargo for free. Simply put, the more expensive the ticket, the more privileges.

Carry-on baggage dimensions on the plane

Carry-on baggage can be transported in the cabin of the liner. As a rule, such a luggage bag contains the things necessary for the journey, as well as personal documents, money, bank cards and other valuables.

In addition, passengers are allowed to carry gadgets and other technical devices in the aircraft cabin. If a person plans to transport a large-sized musical instrument or expensive equipment in a large box, it is necessary to clarify in advance the current dimensions for hand luggage. What you can and cannot carry in carry-on baggage on the plane, read this article.

What dimensions for carry-on baggage are set for popular air carriers:

  • Aeroflot - 55x40x25cm.
  • Victory - 36x30x27cm.
  • UTair - 40 × 30 × 20cm.
  • Smartavia - 30x25x7cm.
  • Ural Airlines - 55x40x20cm.
  • S7 - 55x40x20cm.
  • Turkish Airlines - 55x40x23cm.
  • American airline American Airlines - 56x36x23cm.

If the parameters of the transported cargo exceed the permissible limit, you will have to buy a separate ticket at a special rate.

Do you want to save money? Then carry out high-quality packaging of the equipment and send it to the luggage compartment for transportation. But remember, the carrier is not responsible for the safety of the cargo in the luggage compartment, and does not pay compensation for damaged items.

Is it possible to add up the weight of baggage on the plane

In addition to the dimensions, the transported baggage must comply with the weight standards. This rule may provide for the total amount of personal luggage or a place.

The rule can be justified as follows:

  1. On airplanes with a weight system, a passenger can carry one or more bags, the weight of which does not exceed the established limit. In this case, the weight of the baggage is added up.
  2. The seat system assumes only one piece of baggage for each passenger. That is, if a traveler carries two suitcases that meet the weight standards, he will still have to pay for the second piece of baggage.

When buying a ticket for a liner, check in advance which system operates with a particular carrier.

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