Rules for the carriage of children by Pobeda Airlines

The low-cost airline Pobeda, a subsidiary of Aeroflot, offers passengers favorable fares on domestic and international flights. Families with minor children often travel on the aircraft of this carrier. The company provides a profitable child escort service that allows legal representatives to send a child on an air trip under the watchful eye of special agents.

In this article, we will tell you how to transport a child on a Pobeda airline plane, how to use the escort service, and also how to fly with a baby.

Flight rules for children with Pobeda Airlines

Pobeda Airlines aircraft can carry children of different return groups. Children under 2 years old can travel for free, without providing a separate seat, that is, in the arms of their parents. One adult passenger can carry only one child without a ticket.

Children from 2 to 12 years old fly in Pobeda airplanes in an individual passenger seat with a separately purchased ticket. When booking a flight document, the age of the young passenger is indicated, after which the system automatically selects free seats for the child in the cabin next to the parents.

Terms and conditions for the flight of children on Pobeda aircraft:

  1. You can book a separate seat for a child's flight only through the company's call center.
  2. When checking in for a flight, a young traveler is issued a separate boarding pass.
  3. Passengers with small children can occupy strictly defined seats in the cabin. It is not allowed to occupy the seats near the emergency exit.
  4. Free baggage allowance applies only to children flying on a separate ticket with a seat. Weight and dimensions of carry-on baggage and general baggage for children comply with the standards for adult passengers.
  5. In the salons, you can transport an infant in a special cradle with a soft base. In the first rows of the cabin there is a wall on which special fasteners are equipped to accommodate a baby cot. The company does not provide a carry cot for babies.
  6. When buying airline tickets, if there are free seats in the front rows of the cabin, parents can choose these seats for comfortable accommodation with a child. This service is not available for travelers holding a ticket at the "Standard" fare. We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with - how to choose and book the best seats in Pobeda.
  7. You can check-in for a flight with a child only at the airport near a special counter.

Flying with babies

Air carrier Pobeda allows the carriage of small children on the plane, starting from the first weeks of life. The main thing is that mom and baby feel good and have no health problems. Before deciding to travel with an infant, parents are advised to consult with a pediatrician about the possibility of a safe flight on the liner. The rules for traveling with children under 3 years old can be found here.

During air travel, babies can be in the arms of their mother or father. At their personal request, the parents buy a separate ticket for the child at the standard rate.

Car seats and other frame items for children are transported in the luggage compartment as checked baggage for an additional charge. Only small strollers weighing up to 10 kg are transported free of charge. You can read more about baggage and carry-on baggage on the plane of Pobeda carrier. here.

Children are not allowed to use the pot on the aircraft. This accessory can only be used in the washroom. There are also tables for changing and changing babies.

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