How to check debt before flying abroad

Before leaving for foreign countries, travelers with debts on loans or other obligations to government agencies are advised to check for arrears and possible restrictions on leaving the country.

This foresight will allow to exclude unforeseen difficulties arising for "non-departure" passengers when passing through customs and passport control.

Debtors who have loan arrears, unpaid fines, taxes, alimony or housing and utilities debts run the risk of staying in the country and urgently changing their plans for air travel. In the article, we will tell you whether it is possible to fly in an airplane abroad if you have debt obligations, where to find out the amount of debt, how to remove restrictions.

Will they be allowed abroad with debts from bailiffs or loans
The airport customs services have the right to refuse a traveler a flight only if certain conditions are met. First of all, the basis for the refusal of the flight is a document, namely a court decision on the compulsory collection of a debt with a restriction on travel outside the Russian Federation.

The amount owed doesn't matter. In recent years, many state and financial institutions have turned to the courts to enforce debt collection from legal entities and individuals, even if the amount of debt barely reaches 1,500-2,000 rubles. According to the bailiffs, over the past year, a large number of cases were opened against debtors with outstanding fines, unpaid loans and alimony arrears in the amount of 5,000 rubles or more.

The reason for the refusal of air travel is also evasion of payment of debt under a writ of execution drawn up in court. That is, the bailiffs have already notified the debtor of the need to urgently repay the debt within a specific time frame, but the debtor himself evades payment without good reason.

Traveling abroad is not possible if the bailiff has already made an official decision not to leave a particular citizen who has debts to state or financial institutions. Information about debtors is automatically sent to the airport server, so it is not difficult to identify a passenger who is evading his obligations. We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the bailiff's debts: will they be allowed to fly across Russia.

How to find out the debt before departure
In order not to disrupt their own plans for air travel and not to lose money for the purchased ticket, which may "burn out" in case of not leaving Russia, travelers are advised to inquire in advance about possible debts at different authorities.

You can find out about current debts using the Internet. The official website of the Federal Service of Enforcement Proceedings has a special section where you can view accurate information about the presence or absence of initiated enforcement proceedings.

To receive information, you must enter your personal data, indicate the registration address and date of birth. The service is free. Time for processing an application is less than a minute.

If a citizen has outstanding debts with the initiation of enforcement proceedings, all data on the amount of the debt and details for repayment will appear on the site. The document can be printed and paid to remove the restriction on leaving the country.

You can also find out about your debts to air travel on the State Services website in your personal account or using special services that provide information online about current delays in payments.

How to remove restrictions
To remove the restriction on leaving the country, it is necessary to pay the entire amount of the debt and provide receipts for payment to the bailiff who is in charge of the case of a particular citizen. The specialist, on the basis of the received document, will record the fact of payment of the debt and remove the restriction on departure from the Russian Federation. The ban will be lifted within 24 hours, but information on this issue will be sent to the airport servers only within 2 weeks.

When planning a flight to foreign countries, pay off your current debts as early as possible. Such prudence will allow you to fly in the chosen direction in a timely manner and not disrupt personal plans.

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